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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Banning Manhunt 2

OK so we all know this by now. Manhunt 2, the game that promised to vent all your anger without having to dress like slipknot, has been called off shelves. From the coasts of the US to the British Isles, the people who think they can decide have made a verdict: This game is not for you.

First things first. Who are the ESRB or BBFC to decide? How come they get to play mommy, when my own mother doesnt do that? Well leaving birthing problems and teenage angst aside, how can any one make this decisin for me? Yes games are violent, bloody and have sexual connotations. But hell, so does life in genral. When are they planning to ban that? sorry boys, you cant say blood, gore, sex or something of that sort, before getting a rating from ESRB.

Also the only difference between the gaming and all other media is that it is not passive, you cant just sit in a corner and read or watch. This is active, and real, if you dont react you cant play. And thats not new either, has the ESRB ever heard of sports? well even cricket, the gentlemen's game, has sledging. Maybe they will ban that too.

Gaming does not make us blood thirsty zomies, with sky rocketing libidos and a coke habit. It is just like reading a book, exept the book reacts too. If gaming were such an evil technology, it would never have grown to become the force it has. All the neigbourhood kids would have been running around mass murdering the local population. Think bout it, atleast the real estate prices in Delhi would have fallen to affordable levels!

Banning Manhunt 2 will not change anything. We want some brutal action and we will get it. Guess who will provide it? The ESRB. If the market says that it wants brutality and murder, ESRB will have to relent, bend over and satisfy it. Or else, the grey markets of the world will do it for them.

Wake up people, this is the information age, you cant stop it from going where it feels like. And if you try to stop it, it will just burst out. Welcome to an era where information is Piss; You cant stop it no matter what you do.

As for me, India does have any laws to control computer gaming. The black market provides us with our usual dosage. And I know there are copies out there, just itching to be bought!


chaitanya said...

hahaha.....totally agree dude.....
down with ESRB n shit......n plzz.....let the boys alone with their toys (well DVDS....whtever)....

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